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Review Judge

Oma is a nebbish sort of guy with a dilbert style office job. He does have one special secret though, he is also the judge of the darkness. Who is that you ask? The judge of the darkness is one of those darker superhero types who dispenses punishment to those that slip through the cracks. This time he is investigating one of his crooked bosses who ordered the execution of one his colleges. One interesting twist though the defendant in this case has hired himself a lawyer to handle the judge of the darkness. When things turn out to be a stalemate the Judge of darkness calls in the ten kings of hell to put his quarry on trial.

Judge is an interesting one shot show dealing with crime and punishment. Unlike many Oavís of this short length I did not feel that the story was rushed or excessively cut. The supernatural twist to the show gives it the feeling of a Twilight zone episode. The show had potential for more episodes but it is fine where it was left off.

The animation for Judge definitely shows itís age. Even though the animation isnít the best Judge is more of a slow thinking show so eye candy isnít the point of this show.

There is a lot of unheard of Oav anime titles. Judge is one of them. Fortunately for it, Judge is one of the better rentals that I have seen over the years. While this show is not exceptional Judge should be near the top of your rental list. I give Judge a rating of good.

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