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Recently, I have interviewed Keiichi, and Lord Jinnai [lord katsuhiko jinnai] of radio. Keiichi is an ultimate otaku, who plays live one in a while, wether it be online, at at conventions. While lord katsuhiko jinnai is the youngest D.J ever to go to fanime. He mixes songs, and is apart of Team AnimExcalibur. He made a record breaking - 60 min remix! These guys are fun to talk to, you can talk to them on the Internet, in chat rooms, and now even a message board.
I refer to myself as Q: and ani. O: is a question Ani: is a comment. . Funny things in [ ]

\Interview with Keiichi:

Ani: I ask questions, u answer
Ani: k?
Keiichi 000: Sounds good ^_^
Ani: k

Q: What first got you interested in anime?" Keiichi 000: Well, not counting when I was watching Voltron and the such when I was a kid, I happened to come across a copy of Ah Megami-sama VHS on sale at a local comic shop, and I remembered watching a lot of stuff like that when I was a kid. So I picked it up (It was like.. $5/tape) and instantly I was hooked back into Anime ^_^

Q: over the years, what do you think your greatest experience in your ultimate otaku life was?
Keiichi 000: Definitely opening up the radio station. At the time I had over 100 Anime CDs in my stock, and so it was the next progression of my love of both Internet technology and Anime ^_^

Q: how do you think the station will progress in the coming years?
Keiichi 000: Well, we've still got nowhere to go but up. I think we'll definitely keep getting bigger and bigger ^_^ And with enough support we might actually get the station to the quality to out perform even terrestrial radio ^_^

Q: "Do u think you will go on the real radio waves?" Keiichi 000: Probably not. Unfortunately Terrestrial Radio is VERY Expensive to get into... besides. Why would I want to restrict my audience to just one city, when I can reach the whole world with our current broadcast style ^_^
Q: But have u ever thought about digital cable's music choice? They donít have j-pop yet, and many people can be introduced to it that way
Keiichi 000: Unfortunately Music Choice is run by a corporation that's not out there to expose people to music... it's there to sell CDs. And J-Pop / Anime music still isn't big enough to show up on their corporate radar's yet. We'd have a better chance of showing up on something like Satellite Radio.. but I don't see that happening any time soon... but you never know.. ^_^
Q: What do you think about online anime community's and the increase of them since the last century? Keiichi 000: I think it rocks! It's great seeing Anime finally emerging from a small-localized thing, to a nationwide phenomenon! Hey, there's room in this community for everyone, so the more the merrier ^_^

Q: do you think conventions, Toonami and A.S [Adult Swim] has helped it?
Keiichi 000: Most definitely! Getting exposure to the masses is ALWAYS a good thing, especially when it's some of the better anime, like Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star, stuff that will draw people into the genre! And conventions just add to the enthusiasm and the Community that is Anime ^_^ I personally enjoy conventions a lot ^_^

Q: an important question, whatís your favorite anime? Song? remix? And D.J?
Keiichi 000: Favorite Anime Series : Definitely Ah Megami-sama! It's where I got my namesake from.. ^_^ Plus a lot of other reasons... since Ah Megami-sama has sort of always followed my life to some degree.. sort of odd ^_^
Keiichi 000: Favorite Anime Song: That's a REALLY tough one... But probably Datenshi Blue from Kaikan Phrase by the band /\ucifer. I've performed that one during CosPlay before and I LOVED doing it.
Keiichi 000: Favorite Anime Remix: Jinnai's Noir Remix... hehehe... I think a lot of people thing that though ^_^
Keiichi 000: Favorite Anime DJ: Well, the FIRST Anime DJ I met was DJ Socket at Ushicon, and he was REALLY good... and then I happened across DJ Jinnai and well, they're probably my top two.... ^_^

Q: what is usually your day?
Keiichi 000: * laughs * Oh Geez, my Day... well, drag myself out of bed at 6AM, normally leave for either work or school by 7AM... mixture of school and work till about 6PM. Once I'm home, I normally work on the radio station for a couple of hours.. and then after that I relax till about Midnight / 1 AM ^_^
Keiichi 000: But, in about 4 weeks. That could all change.. ^_^
Q: how?
Keiichi 000: Well, I'm going to be transferring to a Major University.. And if that happens I'll be settling down with a new job and the such... ^_^ But don't worry.. The station will stay on the air the entire time.. And in fact.. Could get BETTER because of it ^_^ But how is a secret ^_^
Ani: oh, well i think we'll just have to wait,

Q: hmm... whatís your favorite j-pop artist?
Keiichi 000: Favorite J-Pop artist.. Well sing performer is definitely Ayumi Hamazaki ^_^ As for Group.. Itís not really J-Pop.. But X Japan will ALWAYS be one of my favorites ^_^

Q: what made you decide to make the station and did u decide to get oricon here?
Keiichi 000: Well, I've always been into Radio to some degree ^_^ So this was just a great way to combine all my favorite things ^_^ As for adding the Oricon stuff... I had known Usako of Oricon Radio just before the big Live365 Shutdown. Instead of just letting her shut down her station, I desided to ask her to join the Radio team, since I felt she would add an aspect to the J-Music scene that we didn't have at the time ^_^

Q: one last question "what is yatta?"
Keiichi 000: Yatta? It's an expression of happiness.. a general "I did it!" Expression.. At least if my Otakuese [language of the Otaku] is correct ^_^

Ani: well thanks for the interview
Ani: we give keiichi radio ex2 at live 365 good luck
Ani: If you are a true otaku u'll check it out., lol
Keiichi 000: Thanks again! ^_^ Yatta!! ^_^
Ani: yatta !

Interview With lord katsuhiko jinnai

Ani : I ask question you answer, or else ^_^
Q: how did u get into anime?
VivaJinnai: no comment on this question^_^ [procrastinator ^_^]
Q:: how did u get into anime
VivaJinnai: started in 1992, i was 10 years old, looking in a videogame mag. I saw an article about a new game for the turografix 16. It was Ys book 1+2. There I saw an art form I've never seen before. It sucked me in like a vacuum! I was hooked!
Q: what? in english
VivaJinnai: yup
Ani: k
VivaJinnai: the mag was: videogames and computer entertainment

Ani: when did u start remixing, and why?
VivaJinnai: The start of messing with audio was in 1993, on a tape player, making loops and instrumentals of hip hop songs. Then I started doing it on the computer in 1994. It took me awhile to learn the basics. I basically taught myself how to remix and compose. I started remixing in 1999. I followed the style of DJ Socket for awhile, to learn the basics of remixing. Then in 2000, I found the program that changed my life forever. I started making remixes left and right ever since.

Q: what would you say is your favorite remix
VivaJinnai: hmmmm.....thatís a toughie. I guess the Sakura Wars remix. So far the most popular remix that caught a lot of people's attention would be the Noir-Canta Per me remix.
VivaJinnai: it was well done...and i made that remix in one hour
VivaJinnai: oh yeah...this is another favorite of mine.
VivaJinnai: the baka song

Q: What's your favorite anime?
VivaJinnai: el-hazard, there is nobody like jinnai in ANY anime.

Q: what were the biggest things to happen to you during your career?
VivaJinnai: ummm, teaming up with keiichi and Djing at fanime LIVE.

Q: do u like cheese?
VivaJinnai: yes. cheese of any kind. even cheesy music Ani: lol

Q: do you think eva is confusing?
VivaJinnai: yes, but keep watching it over and over, and you'll understand more. Just like the movie "the sixth sense". you got to watch it one more time ^_^.

Q: have you ever set an appliance on fire by clumsiness?
Ani: lol
VivaJinnai: yes.... my mini oven caught on fire. stupid fish stick ROFL......
Ani: lol

Q: what do you think about the increase of otaku from the last century?
VivaJinnai: its great that more people are becoming anime fans. Thatís how this industry developed such a strong foundation. Fans brought anime to the American mainstream market. Yes, united we are STRONG!

Q: are there any negative parts to being an taku [mess up #1]?
Ani: oyaku* [mess-up #] 2
Ani: otaku* [ there ya go!]
VivaJinnai: otaku need to shower, and learn how to balance both an anime and social life. [all apart of a balanced breakfast ^_^]
VivaJinnai: <---was like that before

Q: what is "yatta?"
Ani: lol
Ani: i asked k1 too
VivaJinnai: "ALRIGHT!!!!!!!"
VivaJinnai: wooohoooo!!!
VivaJinnai: basically
Ani: lol
VivaJinnai: almost naked men saying woohoo!
Ani: lol
Ani: with leaves
VivaJinnai: hmmm what a society Japan is
Ani: and giant billboards
VivaJinnai: oh well...itís still funny to me
VivaJinnai: Asian to love it!
Ani: lol
VivaJinnai: mooo!

Ani: well I think its time to call it a rap
VivaJinnai: hehe
VivaJinnai: I thought there were more questions
VivaJinnai: ^_^
Ani: check out lord katsuhiko jinnai at Keiichi, Extreme anime radio ex2 on live, live, live, live365.

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