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Review Kikiís delivery service

There is a tradition among witches that when a witch reaches the age of thirteen, she must leave her home on the full moon for a full year in order to develop her talents. Since Kiki is thirteen years old she goes off with her black cat Jiji in search of a town that needs a witch. After arriving in town she sets up shop in a bakery using her ability to fly on a broom as a job in the delivery service.

Kikiís delivery service is the story of a girl who goes out in to the world, loses her confidence and finds it again. It is a light story that is easy to take in. While none of the supporting cast truly stands out they all add together to make an interesting world for Kiki to explore.

The animation for Kikiís delivery service is in line for what you would expect for a Studio Ghibli move, meaning that it is extremely well done. The town that Kiki moves into is an ambiguous European town captured in all itís picturesque glory and possibly the biggest highlight of the movie.

Kikiís delivery service is a great childrenís film in the tradition of studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. Even though it does not stack up to the all time great films Princess Mononoke and Spirited away, Kikiís delivery service is still well worth watching, especially if there are kids around. I give Kikiís delivery service a rating of very good.

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