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Review Legend of Crystania

After the event of Record of the Lodoss war, Ashram and the people of Marmo are searching for a new place to live. When at the end of their rope a mysterious voice tells them of a place to live but in return it wants Asramís body. Centuries later a civil war springs up leaving a young noble by the name of Redon without a family and in a lot of danger. Caught between a rock wall and a contingent of advancing troops the same voice speaks to Redon promising him the power to carry out his vengeance. The wall breaks open leading Redon and his compatriots into the unknown land of Crystania, the land where the gods live.

When you see that this is a continuation of the Lodoss Universe you would be expecting something great. It if is it must be in some manga that this movie wasnít really able to follow all that well. What we are left with a movie that has a great premise but falls though on execution. The characters arenít all that compelling, with Redon having the whiny hero syndrome that makes him look like a Shinji rip off taking the cake.

The animation isnít all that good. When you consider that it is a movie and not a television show made in the seventies the animation is pretty darn awful. People who have watched Record of Lodoss war will wonder why Ashram looks so weird and has short hair.

Legend of Crystania by no means is a great movie. If you are looking for another Record of Lodoss war, you are out of luck. If you can forget that the two are related you may enjoy the movie. I would say that unless you feel the need to see any fantasy related anime there is, spending money on this is a waste. I give Legend of Crystania a rating of poor/ fair.

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