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Review Legend of Lemnear

In a fairly typical fantasy world the evil lord Varhol is looking for the champion of silver so he can fulfill his evil ambitions, because that is what evil overlords do. Meanwhile a beautiful (and underdressed) warrior named Lemnear is searching for the evil wizard that burned her town to the ground and kidnapped her brother/boyfriend (I can’t tell) blunders into a town controlled by said evil warlord.

Legend of Lemnear is a paint by numbers fantasy show in a one shot Oav format. I have the feeling that Legend of Lenmear is based off a longer manga series or a video game as the story feels incredibly rushed. The plot is very dull and There is little to no character development For fifty minutes or so Legend of Lemnear just shows one fantasy anime cliché after another. If you are at all familiar with the fantasy genre you can pretty much predict what happens before it happens throughout the show.

The animation for Legend of Lemnear is perhaps the shows saving grace. Despite the fact that it came before the advent of computer animation the artwork is done extremely well. There is some nudity in the show so keep it out the hands of children.

Legend of Lemnear is a barely adequate and disposable Oav. While I recommend that you rent instead of buying it there is some value in watching this show, if only for the animation and the MST3K factor. I give Legend of Lenmear a rating of poor/fair.

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