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Review Love Hina Spring Special

It is that time of year again and Keitaro, Naru and Mutsumi are once again taking the exam to enter Tokyo University. Keitaro goes off into dreamland right in the middle of the test. Sure that he failed he runs off to mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean because of a job offer and the belief that he has nothing to lose. The residents of the Hinata apartments, especially Naru, are worried about him and go off after him. When Naru finds Keitaro on the island, he is with another girl, Nyamo, who looks like a dark skinned Shinobu.

Like many other popular anime shows Love Hina spawned some oavs and television specials. Like many of these specials or spin off oavs this is nothing really special although unlike most specials it does move the plot forward (I am not telling you how though). As with most shows of this type, the spring special will make no sense to those who have not seen or read Love Hina. Also the plot feels a bit choppy giving the viewer that more could have been added to make this a better special. It just feels like a long episode.

The animation for the spring special is at the same quality as the rest of the Love Hina television show. Itís ok but donít expect anything special. There is one song inserted in the middle of the show by most of the cast that I enjoyed.

The question is should you see the Love Hina spring special? Only if you are a big fan of the show or if you only sort of like it and can get it cheap (like I did). Most people will find something better to spend their money on. I give Love Hina spring special a rating of fair/good.

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