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Review Record of Lodoss War Oav

At the beginning of the show you see six figures clad in cloaks heading for a tunnel. They are six young (well most of them are) heroes headed to meet a sage to inquire about an immortal witch who threatens the safety of the continent. After their trials in the tunnel you found out that episode was just a filler episode in the middle of the story to hook you in to the show. The real story begins with episode 2. So begins the story of the brave warrior Parn and his companions in their fight against the armies of the dark island of Marmo.

The real story is about a country in the South of Lodoss, the dark island Marmo, is trying to conquer the rest of Lodoss. Enter into this troubled time Parn, a son of a disgraced knight of Valis, who wishes to follow in his fatherís footsteps (except for the disgrace part of course). After a fight with some goblins he is practically thrown out of the village. He and the friends that he made during the fight are then sent to wander the countryside and eventually learn of this invasion as it is happening. In fact the night they learn of it the castle they are at is attacked by Marmo forces. The person in charge of the attack is Ashram who quickly becomes Parnís arch enemy.

Record of Lodoss war is a 13 episode Oav that is one of the great classics of anime. It is also one of the first titles that I ever bought. Over the years I have watched it several times and will probably watch it again. It is considered the standard by what all fantasy anime are measured against.

The animation for Record of Lodoss war is simply excellent. It is a slightly older series so there is no computer animation. However the work and care put into the animation is simply marvelous and very few Oavís or movies can match it. The soundtrack is also fabulous having not only a great opening and closing but also a great collection of instrumental hits.

As I have said before Record of Lodoss war is one of the classics of anime. I am also happy to report that you can get the whole thing on DVD for only sixty dollars. At that price you would have to be a fool to pass it up. I give Record of Lodoss war Oav a rating of Excellent.
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