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Sakura con machine gun anime review

As you hopefully read in my previous article that about a week ago at Sakura con I watched a lot of anime. This would be the perfect time for a review of some of those series as I rather enjoyed them. However since I only watched them once about a week ago and cannot re-watch them to help remember details I am going to lump them together in a string of short reviews. If I get a hold of one or more I hope to give a more complete review.

The first anime I saw the convention was the Oh my goddess movie. If you do not know about Oh my goddess you should read the manga or at least watch the Oav first otherwise you will get really lost as the movie takes place right in the middle of the manga series and quite a bit is not explained. If you do know and like the series It is a good watch. To make a long story short Belldandy meets someone from her past and loses her memory. The story is a bit more epic than most Oh my goddess stories, befitting itís placement in a movie.

Then I saw the new Vampire Hunter D movie. To put it bluntly the movie has a fairly weak plot and the characters are kind of shallow, but that doesnít matter. This is one if not the best action movie I have seen in a long time, animated or not. It is wonderfully animated and the action sequences are truly awesome. In many action movies we are faced with stupid villain syndrome, where the hero waltzes through the movie simply due to the incredible ineptitude of the antagonist. That does not happen here as the villains have at least half a brain, especially as seen on the bridge scene. That fact that D can still waltz through the movie without so much as a facial expression just makes him even cooler.

After that I saw a cart load of fan subbed anime. The first of these is Trouble Chocolate. Simply put this is the most insane comedy I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot. Trouble Chocolate is your basic boy and the weird girl that is attached to him story. Expect that he goes to a school where his teachers are a wizard, a vampire, and a Frankenstein monster. Not only that he is pursued by two Chinese martial artist girls and their leader who I think is a puppet with four eyes. Add in the alien that lives with the boy and the sentai team and you have a pretty good idea of the show.

Next is Tokyo Underground. This show is about Rumina, a fairly normal boy, Ginosuke, his geeky friend, and two girls, Chelsea, the strong and confident type and Ruri, the typical damsel and distress type. Not sound that interesting, oh I forgot to mention that the girls come from an underground world and have super powers. It seem that the people that run the underground really donít like the fact that Ruri has decided to go topside and are trying to capture her. This show is a fairly typical action show but a well executed one, rather like Yu Yu Hakusho. I hope to see more.

Next up it Kannon. Kannon is a show about a boy returning to a town that he visited seven years ago. It seemed that he made quite an impression with several of the girls that lived there and now one by one he is reunited with them. This show is based off of a dating simulation of the same name. The girls in this show have really big eyes, even by anime standards, and are drawn looking extremely young. The one that stands out in the first two episodes is Ayu, the adorable fish cake thief who has a habit of running head first into things. Also I have weird feeling that she got her backpack from the CLAMP mail order catalog, if one exists.

Another show I should mention is Rizelmine. This is another show with the premise of a boy and the weird girl attached to her. This time the girl is twelve year old Rizel. Rizel is basically a Chibi Usa(Rini) clone with hair ornament that jingle. The unlucky boy in this series is fifteen year old Iwaki, who is not the least bit pleased with this arrangement. How would you feel if you came home and found out that you were married to some pint sized helium bag? He rather dislikes Rizel and tends to toss her around a lot and even mail her to the north pole once. Not a good show for feminists.

I also watched a show call Hikaru no go. It is about this young boy named Hikaru and the ghost he finds when he is dusting off an old go board that he plans to sell. The ghost he finds is Sai a thousand year old go fanatic. Saiís only real desire is to play go. Thus he pesters Hikaru to go to the local go center and play. This show is somewhat like other sport anime but with a big difference being that go is a game that you need some intellect to play well and the "try really really hard" approach that works in most sport anime will not get you very far.

That last show that I am going to review here is Tiny snow fairy sugar. This show is about a girl, Saga, and sugar, and fairy that she finds one day. Sugar is a weather fairy that can control snow, at least that is what she will become when she finishes her apprenticeship. This show is very cute but in a good way. It is about as close as you can get to a magical girl show with out actually being one, and that is a good thing as it frees the show from the burdensome plot structure of magical girl shows. It is well animated and I hope this show gets licensed(fortuneatley it was picked up by Pioneer).

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