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Review Macross 2

Eighty years have passed since the events of the television show Macross. Hiding behind the Minmay defense (using music to rob the enemy of their will to fight, I know it sound weird to me too) the U.N. spacey force has become soft in military strength but controlling of the media. Hibiki Kanzaki is a young reporter who is very upset with this fact. So when their is a chance to cover a war he jumps at the opportunity. What he find is that the enemy the earth is facing is far different than any they have faced before. They even have their own singers that counteract the Minmay defense.

Many of those familiar with the Macross universe will say that Macross 2 is perhaps the worst of the litter. Not having seen much else I guess I have to take their word for it. If this is true the rest must be fantastic as Macross still manages to be a fairly enjoyable film. The big problem with Macross 2 is that the characters feel somewhat unconvincing. The plot and thematic elements to the show are what carry it. My personal favorite thing is that the aliens speak in an alien language instead of the vernacular (English or Japanese depending on whether you see the subbed or dubbed version).

The animation for Macross 2 is typical of what early nineties animation has to offer, in other words passable but these days if you are looking for a visual treat there are much better things to watch. Also what would a Macross animation be without music? The songs for Macross 2 are a mixed bunch with the opening song being the best in my opinion.

Macross 2 is a decent rental movie and a cheap introduction into the Macross world. Other than that there isnít too much that will keep you into this movie. I give Macross 2 a rating of fair/ good.

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