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Marmalade Boy The Angelic Gymnast-An Old Friend of Yuu's By: Normal disclaimer's implied. I don't own the title or the characters. I'm just a fan writing a story for fun, and fun only.

"What a bright and sunny day? No work, no practice, it's perfect!" Miki said, walking with her friends. "Eh, Yuu?"

Yuu slowly looked over at his girlfriend. "Huh?"

"Lets go out today!"

"Great!" Satoshi said happily. "Let it be a triple date. Yuu and Miki. Ginta and Arimi. Meiko and me."

Satoshi felt an elbow hit him on his side. "Excuse me?" asks Meiko, angrily staring at the Student Council President.

"Today we're gonna whip Toryo's butt!" exclaimed a female voice from ahead.

"With Captain's guidance, we'll win everything!" said another voice.

Miki and the others looked ahead of themselves. A group of girls from Jyuben High walked toward their school, cheerfully holding their gym bags.

"Oh please, don't flatter me," said the Captain. "I'm just trying to help you all improve your skills."

The girls slowly walked by Miki and her friends, slowly looking up and looking at everyone there. Then all of a sudden, all the girls started calling out Yuu's name and pushing everyone away from him.

"Hey! Wait a sec! He's my boyfriend! Keep your hands off him!" Miki screamed out, pushing the girls away.

The girls quieted down, looking at the couple.

"No way. You're not cute enough for him." said a voice.

"He'll be perfect for our Captain! Not you!" screamed a childish voice.

Miki's face was covered with madness. "Who's this 'Captain' that you speak of?"

All the girls stepped aside and presented their Captain to Miki.

"The Jyuben High School gymnastics team proudly presents the angelic leader and gymnast of great skill..."

"Mei-chan?" Yuu interrupted the group of gymnasts.

"Yuu-kun?" Mei said, looking at him confusedly. "Yuu-kun!" She ran over to Yuu and hugged him happily.

"Mei-chan! It's many years has it been?" Yuu questioned, trying to remember the last time he saw her.

Everyone's mouth dropped while the two old friends spoke.

"Mei-chan?" questioned a jealous Miki.

"Yuu-kun?" questioned the confused gymnastics team.

"How do you two know each other!?" Miki and the team shouted.

Satoshi stepped in. "Why yes. How do you know such a beautiful woman, Yuu?"

Mei blushed at Satoshi's comment and decided to answer the questions. "Yuu-kun and I are childhood friends. We grew up together until about eight years ago."

[Another childhood friend? No, he won't. I won't think that.] thought Miki, looking at Mei. [She's too cute, cuter than Suzu-chan.] Miki studied Mei's appearance. [Her long brown hair looks silky, and she has beautiful brown eyes. And her tan! It's perfect! Indeed more cuter that Suzu-chan!]

"That's right. Your father had to transfer over to a new trading company then. Eh, what was the name again?"

"Right Trading Corporation. He works for the sales department."

"Oh yeah. Now I remember." Yuu said, looking up at a nearby tree. "So, whatca doing here, Mei-chan?"

"Jyuben High is having a gymnastics competition against Toryo today." the Captain answered happily. "Jyuben's gymnastics team is currently the top gymnast team in Japan's school system, so we're here to help improve Toryo's team's skills by showing them why we're number one."

"What's our school's number?" asked Miki.

"Don't even ask," said Satoshi. "Our gymnast team is one of the worst teams there is in Japan."

"They're that terrible?" Ginta asked, looking at the blue-haired president.

"According to the memo we received recently, Toryo's willing to allow us to teach them rhythmic gymnastics. However..." Mei said, slowing down a bit. "However, I won't be the captain of Jyuben High's gymnast team any longer."

"WHAT!?" screamed the Jyuben girls.

"How come?" Satoshi and Yuu asked in unison.

"Well, my parents are getting a divorce and my mother has custody over me. So, she's decided to move over here and transfer me to Toryo."

"WHAT!?" her fellow students screamed.

"What about our team?"

"What about your popularity?"

"What about the Student Council?"

Satoshi raised an eyebrow. "The Student Council?"

"Oh. I forgot about the Student Council!" Mei said.

"Captain!" the team cried.

Yuu looked over. "President?"

Mei nodded. "Uh-huh."

[The president of the Student Council, Captain of the gymnast team, too cute, and really popular. She's, she IS perfect.] Miki thought to herself. [And she's going here! Here where Yuu is! No! This can't be happening!]

"You're a senior?" questioned Satoshi. Mei only shook her head. "A junior?" Satoshi received a nod. "Wow. For how many years were you president of the Student Council?"

"It's her third. She's a great leader and a wonderful role model." said a gymnast behind Mei.

"Captain. We better hurry or else we're gonna be late." said another.

Mei looked at her watch. "Oh yes. We must. Lets go girls!" Mei said, encouraging her teammates. "Yuu, Miki, everyone. You all can watch us if you like."

"Yes! Please, Yuu?" the gymnasts begged.

Miki only looked up at Yuu, waiting for his response. "What do you say, Yuu?"

Yuu nodded his head. "Okay. We'll watch, but we'll cheer for our team."

"Okay! Deal!" Yuu and Mei shook hands.

[The two of them are getting a little too close, I have to do something about this.] thought Miki, walking with everyone to the gym. She made sure that she held onto Yuu tightly, trying to make Mei jealous.

Mei looked over at Yuu and Miki and smiled softly at the two of them. But she stared at Satoshi, watching him walk and joke around with Yuu. [He's cute and funny.]

[She's staring right at Yuu!] thought Miki. [She IS going to try to steal him away from me!]

~o~ "She's amazing!" exclaimed Ginta, watching Mei's ribbon performance. "Her performance flows wonderfully with the music. It's like she's an angel." [She is beautiful!] Miki thought. [She's very agile and very beautiful! I think I'm jealous.]

"She's known as the Angelic Gymnast." said one of Toryo's gymnasts. "All of the high school level gymnasts look up to her as a role model."

"She has always said that she was going to be Japan's top high school gymnast." Yuu said. "She'd always practiced gymnastics when she played with An and me, plus she took ballet to help her balance."

"She's beautiful." said Meiko. "Look at her form. Her skills are indeed professional."

Satoshi let out a sigh. "Thank God she was talking about her skills. If Meiko was actually talking about her 'form,' I would seriously die."

Yuu, Miki, and Ginta giggled among themselves as they watched Meiko attack Satoshi.

"I didn't mean it, Meiko. You know that." Satoshi protested.

"Whatever," she replied, hitting Satoshi once again with her school bag.

"So, what did you think of my performance?" asked Mei from behind.

Everyone turned to her, looking at Mei. She had her long brown hair up in a bun with a baby blue ribbon tied around it. Her leotard was baby blue like her ribbon, but with two sunflowers on it.

"Your performance was beautiful!" Miki, Meiko, and Ginta said.

"Thank you." Mei smiled.

"You were beautiful." Satoshi said instead. He watched Mei's face blush, and then he watched her calm down.

"Thank you, Satoshi." she replied, once she calmed down. "Yuu-kun, what did you think of my performance?"

Yuu looked over to the current performer. "You were as clumsy as she is," he teased, pointing to the Toryo gymnast who was currently performing. "You still need some more practice, Mei-chan."

Mei nodded her head. "You're right. My timing was a few seconds off and I lost a little balance while executing my first jump."

Yuu looked at Mei. "I was..."

"Joking. I know. You're always like that." Mei smiled. "Well, I have one more performance to do."

"The ball apparatus?" asked Satoshi.

Mei nodded. "Yup. But I need to practice a move till then. See ya later." Mei waved and walked towards the locker room.

"Good luck, Mei!" Satoshi yelled. His fellow classmates only looked up at him. "What?"

"Aren't we suppose to cheer for our team, Satoshi?" Yuu teased. Everyone giggled among themselves, waiting for Satoshi to join.

"Ha ha." Satoshi sarcastically said. "That was funny, Yuuko-chan."

Yuu stood up. "Hey, don't even bring that up again, Satoshi!"

Satoshi and Yuu stood in front of each other, holding onto the others' jackets.

Ginta looked up, "Yuuko-chan? Huh?"

Meiko and Miki looked at each other and giggled at Ginta's confused face. "He still doesn't have a clue!" they continued to giggle, holding each others' hands.

Ginta looked at the two ladies next to him. "Huh?"

~ Now up, Jyuben High School team captain, Kodoku Mei, doing her ball apparatus. ~ said the announcer to the audience.

Satoshi and Yuu looked over. "It's her turn already?"

One of Toryo's gymnasts sat near them. "Yeah, unfortunately some of our gymnast had injured themselves in their performances. So Jyuben receives the victory, but Kodoku-san gets to 'shower' us with her skill." She stood up, holding onto her bandaged arm. "Now we have to disqualify ourselves from any of our other competitions."

"But Mei-chan's transferring here soon," Yuu said.

The gymnast looked down at him astonished. "She's what?"

"Kodoku Mei will be transferring to our school because of her parents' divorce." Miki butted in.

"Then there's hope for our team now!" the gymnast danced. "I gotta tell the captain!" She quickly ran away from Yuu, looking for her team.

[Is her news really bringing joy to others, but not me?] Miki thought, watching Mei toss the yellow ball up in the air and catch it. [But to me, this is nothing but bad news. She wants Yuu-kun, and she'll do anything to steal him away from me. I just know it.] She then turned and looked at Yuu, watching him laughing with Satoshi and Meiko, Ginta was yelling at them, demanding them to clarify the "Yuuko-chan" thing that was mentioned before. She only smiled to them, thinking more about Mei and how her presence will change her life. [Oh! Why me!?]

Mei's performance ended, and the judges finally announced the disqualification of Toryo High School's gymnastics team. Everyone left the gym, looking at their gymnastic team injuries.

"Yuu!" screamed one of Jyuben's gymnasts. She ran up to him and stood there. "Captain would like for you to wait for her, if you don't mind. She wants to talk to everyone and hopefully become friends with them all."

Satoshi looked over at Yuu. "I know I don't mind if Mei hangs with us. What about everyone else?" he asked.

Ginta and Meiko shook their heads, Yuu rolled his eyes, and Miki just stood there.

"Tell her we'll wait. But if it takes her more than three minutes to change, we're leaving her." Yuu responded.

The gymnast nodded and ran back to the locker room, delivering the message to her captain. Shortly after, Mei walked out wearing her school uniform, holding her gym bag in her hands.

"Hi everyone, thanks for waiting." she said, smiling at them. "So, where we heading?"

[Why me!?] Miki thought. [I don't really want her to go. What should I do?]

~~ To be Continued ~~

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