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Review Miyuki chan in wonderland

Miyuki is a normal school girl who happens to be late for school one day. In her mad dash to make it to school on time she runs by a bunny girl on a skateboard. Before she knows what is going on she falls down into a deep hole. When she wakes up Miyuki finds herself in a strange land not unlike the Alice in wonderland book by Lewis Carol. There is one big difference, the land that Miyuki has fallen into seems to be populated by lesbians that are all interested in her sexually. In the second half of the show a copy of Miyuki pulls her through a mirror to a bizarre land like the place in the first half of the show.

At a total of half an hour of screen time, Miyuki chan in wonderland is almost a total void of plot or character development. Fortunately what there is of a plot moves by so quickly that it should keep the viewer from getting bored.

The animation for Miyuki chan in wonderland was based off of a CLAMP work (a one shot by the looks of the plot) and as such the animation is expectedly great. On a downside the background music is especially monotonous as the same track plays throughout the entire show.

This show by no stretch of the imagination is a great show. In reality is nothing more than an echi fluff short. Fortunately it doesnít cost as much as most other anime does (I bought it for $13 on DVD directly from a store and not on sale). Still it isnít all that bad, just some mindless entertainment. I give Miyuki chan in wonderland a rating of fair.

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