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Review Munto

The magic kingdom that resides in heaven is in danger. The seven pillars that hold it in the sky are under attack. In a desperate gamble to save the magic kingdom Munto descends from the heavens to find the girl of destiny that has the power to restore the flow of Akuto which supports the magic kingdom. The girl capable of doing this is Yumemi who for some odd reason has been able to see the magic kingdom ever since she was a little girl. Yumemi is hesitant to help Munto not only because he is a strange person that only she can see but also because she is worried about her friend who is going to get married at the age of thirteen .

Munto is a short and enjoyable Oav. The characters are a bit flat but the show focuses on theme instead so the show isnít flat overall. The plot also moves slowly and it feels that it ends where it should have begun. Even so there is enough of an artistic feel to this piece that traditional judgments about plot really donít apply that well when deciding if it was a good piece or not.

The animation is easily the best part of the show. Munto was made with the latest in computer graphic technology and is simply entertaining to watch not only the character designs but the backgrounds are simply awesome.

Munto has just been licensed by Central Park Media. I would easily suggest that if you want an anime that you can watch in one sitting that Munto would be worth buying. Also there is talk of a second Munto Oav coming out so any plot holes the first one might have had may be filled. I give Munto a rating of very good.

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