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Review Nanaka 6/17

Nanaka Kirisato is a very studious seventeen year old girl. She studies constantly even to the point of having almost no friends. When her behavior final annoys her one remaining friend to the point of him telling her that he never wants to see her again she falls down some stairs and collapses. When she wakes up Nanaka has the mind of a six year old with the belief that her body has changed into that of an adult through magic, just like Nanaka’s favorite show, Magical Domiko. Trying to convince everyone that Nanaka is still normal is going to be difficult when she acts like a six year old.

Nanaka 6/17 is a very difficult show to classify since it does not neatly fall into any established category. This leaves us with a slightly different show that borrows from several different genres. Although the weak point of the show is that it is littered with underdeveloped secondary characters this is made up for by having a truly different and original main character. This is especially true when the true nature of Nanaka’s condition starts to become apparent later in the series.

There is little to say about the animation for Nanaka 6/17. It has the level of animation quality that most shows made in 2003 have. The show’s palette tends toward light Shojo type colors but the show it self is not overly cute.

Nanaka 6/17 is currently only available through fansubs. Their is less hype about this show than others leading me to believe that it will be under appreciated. I figure the main reason is that given the element of Magical Domiko many people will simply assume that it is a magical girl show and not look at it. I give Nanaka 6/17 a rating of good/ very good.

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