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Review Narue no Senkai

Narue is a normal girl except for the fact that she is poor (not truly destitute but Narue is a big tightwad) her insistence that she is an alien. Kazuto is a normal boy who doubts her but finds Narue interesting. One day Kazuto is attacked by a real alien and Narue defends him. In a second incident Kazuto tries to save Narue from a space ninja but Narue intervenes by using her ability to teleport. Since Kazuto doesn’t reject her when he finds out that she really is an alien, she becomes his girlfriend.

Narue no Senkai (Narue’s world) is the light romantic s about Kazuto and his alien girlfriend Narue. While the story is nice enough the characters aren’t developed as they could be, especially after episode four when Narue’s sister Kanaka shows up and steals the show. While some people make knock the show for it’s use of fan service, simple fact is that there is much worse our there and fortunately while Narue no Senkai may contain fan service it doesn’t use it as a crutch like some shows do. Also to the show’s favor is the fact that despite their being several cute girls in the show except for only one episode you don’t see them competing for the main character.

Animation for the show is well done. While there are some computer effect they are rare except for the case when characters teleport. The show also has good opening and closing themes.

Narue no Senkai is a very recent show that has just been licensed by Central Park as of this writing. The show is only twelve episodes long leading me to believe that their could be a second season in the works. While I can say this show could be better on deeper inspection I can also say the show could have been much much worse. I give Narue no Senkai a rating of good/ very good.

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