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Review Ninja scroll

It is the time of the Tokugawa shogunate. Even though history records this as a peaceful time there are still disturbances. One of these is the shogun of the dark, a group looking to overthrow the current government in order to avenge a personal slight. To advance their goals they have hired a ninja group known as the eight devils of Kimon. An entire village has been mysteriously wiped out, although eight figures have been spotted at the village. A ninja team has been sent to discover the cause of this, however they are entirely wiped out except for one member. Even she only escapes death do to a traveling swordsmen by the name of Jubei. The devils of kimon will not forgive this slight and thus begins a deathmatch between the eight devils of kimon and Jubei.

Ninja scroll is extremely violent, there is no way around it. The majority of the movie is one battle afte another. Although there is a plot to tie this all together, it is not the point. It is the action, and Ninja scroll gives out some good action. The action is the whole point of watching the movie. Each of the eight devils of Kimon have some sort of supernatural power giving each of the battles a different flavor with something to look forward to with each one.

Although I have spoken of this as an action movie there is a plot and characters. Even with the focus being on the fights the cast of characters is still a good one. Just enough depth has been given to the characters so that you can understand them. This movie is brillant in being able to bring depth to a character with just a few lines of dialogue. Although none of the characters are truly complex ninja scroll does not give the viewer time to become bored with them.

The artwork for ninja scroll is excellent. The character designs are good and the background art is very well done. Although I can say I have seen better I can count those shows on one hand. On top of that the action is excellently drawn. It is a joy to watch the animation of Ninja scroll.

Ninja scroll is an excellent action movie. You can buy it if you want but at least it will make a great rental. I give Ninja scroll 4 out of 5.
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