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Review Patlabor first movie

It is the year 1999(the movie was made quite some time ago when that was the near future) and a new type of robot called the labor has allowed industry to make huge steps forward. There are some problems with labors that go berserk and so there is a police division dedicated to bringing those situations under control. Lately there has been an increase in indescribable rogue labors and some police officers are trying to figure out why. All of the clues lead to Shinohara industries and the genius scientist that committed suicide.

The word realistic seems very inappropriate to describe a movie about giant robots but it applies very well to Patlabor. The labors seem very plausible, like something that could really occur in the next decade or so. The air of plausibility also extends to the plot as even though it has some seemingly weird elements they are explained very well and do not stretch suspension of disbelief in the slightest. This can also be the movie’s weak point. Movie is far more a mystery and philosophical movie that one would think to be at first and those looking for a bust em up mecha movie may be disappointed.

The animation for Patlabor is well done. The animation style is that of a late eighties early nineties anime movie, while very good is not absolute wonder, like Akira for example.

Patlabor is a solid science fiction movie in the tradition of Bradbury or such luminaries, with giant robots added. If you are in the mood for a serious science fiction piece Patlabor should be a great watch. If not stay home and watch hamtaro like the little kid you are. I give Patlabor first movie a rating of excellent.

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