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Review Patlabor WXIII

In the Patlabor world life is much the same as it is today but advances in technology have unexpected consequences. Perhaps that is what is behind the mysterious attacks on Labors around Tokyo bay. Whatever it might be it is the job of Detectives veteran Kusumi and the younger Hata to get to the bottom of it. A woman that Hata has met by the name of Saeko may have some connection to this case but I am not telling you what that would be.

Despite the name Patlabor this movie has almost no mecha action. Still there is a couple of action sequences but they support the movie rather than the movie being a backdrop for them. The movie is more of a mystery with the technology as a backdrop. As a mystery the movie works very well. It almost impossible to tell where it is going to end up until you get there, like any good mystery movie. The characters are also interesting, especially, the two detectives that compliment each other very well.

The animation for Patlabor WXIII is very good. The movie has a very dark and brooding tone to it and that adds to the mysterious atmosphere of the movie very well.

Patlabor WXIII is a solid movie. While it may be a bit to "talky" for some people but that is usually how good mystery movies are. I would easily recommend this to anyone. I give Patlabor WXIII a rating of very good.

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