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Review Perfect Blue

Mima Kitagori is idol singer in the pop group cham. Her career is going to make a big jump however as she quiting to become an actress. Not everyone is happy with the decision to change careers however. Apparently someone is absolutely furious about this, mad enough to kill. Could it be the strange fan that has been watching her? Mima finds out about a website called Mima’s room with extremely personal details about her life. Eventually things spiral out of control and Mima can’t tell reality from fantasy anymore.

Perfect Blue is psychological horror movie and a very good one at that. It is a rare classic that will leave an impression on the viewer the second time that one watches a movie like I did just before writing this review. However for the sake of your enjoyment I had to leave the description of the movie a bit sparse as this is like all great horror movies will mess with your head.

If the plot wasn’t enough I can easily say that the animation is also truly amazing. Rarely in anime does one see character designs as good or realistic as those in Perfect Blue. This is backed up by having a number of enjoyable songs that play throughout the film.

As I have said before Perfect Blue is a very good movie. It does have some violence and nudity in it so the little kiddies shouldn’t see this but I would say that it is a must see for just about everyone else. I give Perfect Blue a rating of excellent.

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