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Review Welcome of Pia carrot 2 dx

Kouji is an uncouth young man looking for a part time job for the summer. While wondering what to do he sees a girl dressed up as a witch. Koujiís friend Shinji tells him that she works for pia carrot, a restaurant that is in need of workers. On his way to pia carrot to apply for a position he runs into Azusa and promptly annoys her. Kouji does get the job at pia carrot. But it is his bad luck that Azusa started working there at the same time. All is not bad luck with Kouji, when he saves Tsukasa (the girl who dressed up as a witch) from drowning, he get a new admirer.

Welcome to Pia carrot 2 dx is a six part Oav based on a hentai game series. Oddly enough despite itís origins and the other two pia carrot Oavs this show is completely tame by comparison. This Oav must be the clean version. What we have instead is a rather simple love triangle between Kouji, Azusa and Tsukasa. Perhaps the best part of the Oav is that unlike most shows of this type the two girls that vie for Koujiís heart are relatively equal in terms of footing.

While this just may be the product of a fansub based off an aging tape but the animation for pia carrot left something to be desired. Even if this is the case the animation is nothing that is out of the ordinary or spectacular.

This Pia carrot Oav is currently not licensed with some doubt that it ever will be. If you like the Pia carrot series or are looking for yet another show with cute girls you might enjoy this. If not there are plenty of other tastier fish in the sea. I give welcome to Pia carrot 2 dx a rating of fair.

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