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Review Piano

Miu Nomura is a normal girl (if you have been reading my reviews you would be guessing that she is actually an alien or gets sucked into another dimension but not this time) who is learning to play the piano. She lives with both her parents. Miu also has a sister who travels a lot and an energetic best friend named Yuuki. She takes piano lessons after school under Mr. Shirakawa. Overall her life is like that of many Japanese teenagers.

Piano is a very quiet and subdued anime. While this might sound like a good alternative to the hyperactive shows that seem to clog anime, piano unfortunately takes this to far and ends up being boring. This is really disappointing as the show has almost all the necessary parts needed to be a great show. All it lacks is a convincing plot hook that makes Miuís life interesting. Unfortunately that is absolutely vital for a show to be interesting.

The animation for piano is good. The character designs are interesting, especially Miuís hairdo. There is also a number of good musical pieces throughout the show (mostly piano music, of course).

Piano is currently available through fansubs and given the nature of the show it is less likely to be licensed than most other shows. Overall Piano isnít a terrible show it is just far to dull for most anime fans. I give Piano a rating of fair.

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