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Review Pita ten

Kotaro Higuchi is a lonely boy. He lost his mother in car accident and his father is always working. To fill this void a new neighbor moves in. Her name is Misha and she proclaims herself to be an angel. Kotaro finds Misha to be an annoying and clinging person and tries to avoid her. However Misha’s charm and perseverance slowly win over Kotaro and his friends. Another wrench is thrown into Kotaro’s life when a new girl called Shia drops into town. Shia is a quite and shy girl with a personality even sweeter than Misha’s but an origin far less angelic.

Pita ten is a 26 episode tv series based off the manga series by Koge Donbo (Small snow fairy sugar, Digi Carat). The show itself follows a very episodic format with little changing after the cast is introduced. The plot is a light comedy quite similar to many shonen type romance stories, with the big difference being that the characters are younger than in most stories cutting out most of the romantic tension and replacing it a more innocent look at relationships.

The animation for Pita ten is cute. Very cute. It is well done enough that if you like cute shows at all you will enjoy the animation found in Pita ten. In fact the very factor that will most decide whether you like Pita ten at all is whether you feel like watching something cute at the moment.

Pita ten is a very cute show. This being said it plays more to male sensibilities than what you would expect from a show where one of the main characters sleeps in rabbit pajamas and another is a faux catgirl (wait what am I saying?). Pita ten is currently only available through fansubs, however given the relative success of Sugar, it is quite possible for Pita ten to be licensed soon. The show overall is nothing exceptional, however there is nothing in it that would keep me from recommending it. I give Pita ten a rating of good.

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