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Review Plastic little

Tita is a seventeen year old girl that is also the captain of a cloud ship. In order to earn her living she hunts down rare pets. One day while going to see her ship being repaired (she also is a very late sleeper) she runs into a girl that is being chased by some bad men. So naturally Tita rescues the girl, named Elise, who happens to be the daughter of a recently murdered scientist. It also happen that Elise has the secret to working the doomsday device that her father was working on for the military.

Plastic little is a short Oav clocking in at 45 minutes. Given that it is so short, there isn’t all that much room in the show for a detailed plot. What there is to see is a fairly cliché plot yet not one that is annoyingly so. The characters are fair but nothing that interesting. It looks like more could have been made of the idea if it was serialized.

Anyone who has seen Plastic little will say that the animation was the high point of the Oav. If you like fanservice the animation will be twice as good as there is frequent nudity in the Oav. Even that point aside it is easy to see that ample talent was put into the animation of Plastic little.

Overall Plastic little is a fairly forgettable Oav. Given it’s animation quality Plastic little manages to stand near the front of the pack of the Oav market. Anyone who watches a lot of anime should probably see this title sooner or later, especially if they like cute girls. I give Plastic Little a rating of good.

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