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Review Raimuro Senkitan

In the think of the Russian Japanese and specifically at the fortress of Lushun war there is a secret war being fought. There is a secret weapon, the Raimu a spirit projection that only special people can use. Since all the people on the Japanese side who can use a Raimu are young girls the military has hired a teacher to take care of them. The teacher chosen, Shintaro Umamaki, is a especially interesting case as he used to be a diplomat and spent a lot of time in Russia even having a Fiancee there. Nothing he has experienced before can prepare him for what lies before him

The easiest way to describe Raimuro Senkitan is it is a Sakura wars knockoff with more fan service. For those of you who don’t understand the previous sentence Raimuiro Senkitan is a story about one guy and the several girls who love him , happening a redone version of the early twentieth century. This is covered up with that fact the show is stuffed with as much sexual innuendo as Japanese television will allow. Character development, which this type of show stands or falls on, is two dimensional and the characters themselves are a collection of clichés.

The artwork for Raimuro Senkitan is good. Both the character designs and the backgrounds are up to snuff considering the show was made in 2003. The one downfall may be that the Raimu themselves are done by very obvious cg. On the other hand both opening and closing songs are rather good.

Raimuro Senkitan is currently only available through fansubs. With the sheer volume of anime that is being made and licensed this show will probably be forgotten. It will not be a great loss. I give Raimuro Senkitan a rating of fair.

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