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Review Ranma Nihao my concubine

Ranma, Akane and the gang have taken Kunoís yacht on a vacation in the south seas. They hit a storm and are trapped on a deserted island. Naturally hilarity ensues. Things are not as peaceful as they seem, however, as a mysterious force starts kidnapping the young ladies of the group. This mysterious force turns out to be prince Toma and his guards kidnapping women to be his bride. So naturally Ranma and his friends (well sort of friends) have to rescue them.

For those unfamiliar with Ranma it is the story of a teenage martial artist with curse that causes him to change into a girl when he comes into contact with cold water. Not only this, through the incompetence and greed of his father he is engaged to four women. It is a very popular series sporting a 100+ episode television series.

The second Ranma movie is a short one clocking in at only sixty minutes. It is a bit more epic than the television episodes making it a good story to place in movie format. The plot goes by rather smoothly with something for almost any Ranma fan included. If you like Ranma Ĺ this movie is a good watch.

The animation quality for the movie is decent. Donít expect anything spectular but it is good nonetheless. Like most television shows translated into movies it is a case of the movie looking pretty much the same as the tv show but with more attention paid to the animation.

In conclusion Ranma Nihao my concubine is a good movie to watch if you understand the Ranma series and are looking for a good comedy. If you donít know Ranma I sincerely suggest that you get it in either the anime or manga form. I give Ranma Nihao my concubine a rating of good.
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