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AT anifanitkku there a fair amount of reviews. I now feel that I have enough to warrant a codified rating system. Well not that codified, but some scale that tells you how good things are. I donít know about how the other contributors to anifanitikku feel about this but this is my system for rating anime. Fantastic!- This anime is simply the best. Reserved for only the best anime. My recommendation is that you get this next if you havenít seen it already.

Excellent - Some of the best, but not the absolute best of anime. Generally considered to be classics and you should see these shows.

Very good- above average shows that I really enjoyed and I think that you may really enjoy them too.

Good- generally average shows that I enjoyed. There is better stuff but these shows are still worth it.

Fair- These shows are ok I guess. Watch them if you feel like it. I am not stopping you.

Poor- I didnít enjoy these shows and I wouldnít recommend them. There are other things to watch.

Awful-How did anime this awful get animated let alone licensed in America? Itís your own fault if you watch this stuff after reading my review.

Sometimes I will have a review with two ratings like fair/ good. This means it is on the border between the two classifacations.
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