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Review magic knight rayearth 2

Warning this review contains spoilers for the first season of Magic knight rayearth. You have been warned.

Things start out with Hikaru having a nightmare about some mysterious figure plotting the destruction of cephiro. She wakes up in dispair. She is still bummed out about having to kill Zagato and Emmeraude. Even though her family tries to comfort her it is no help. Umi and Fuu are the same way. They agree to meet at Tokyo tower. There while trying to console each other another flash of light appears and the three are transported to cephiro once again. There they meet all their old friends and learn of a new crisis. Seeing that cephiro is lacking a pillar other countries(planets actually) have decided that it would be a good idea to take the country for themselves. The magic knights don't like the idea of that so they take up their weapons, armor and rune gods (origionally called mashin) and defend Cephiro once more. Things get even more interesting when a special (and very psychotic) playmate shows up for Hikaru.

The second season of Magic knight Rayearth is a bit different from the first in terms of mood and pacing. It is more somber than the first season. It also has a more envolved storyline, as compared to the first season, which was very episodic.

The artwork for the second season of Rayearth is still very good as it is esentially the same show as the first. The scenery has changed very much though. Unlike the first season which is a outdoors hike, the second season season generally takes place indoors. Part of the reason is that Cephiro is not much to look at anymore. There is still plenty of action though, so don't worry. If you are at all a mecha fan the battles should be interesting as the Rune Gods get used a lot more this time around.

There isn't much to this review except to say that if you saw the first twenty episodes of Magic Knight Rayearth I very much recommend that you follow through to the end. In fact I found the second season to be an improvement to the first. I give magic knight rayearth 4.5 out of 5.

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