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Review Roujin Z.

In the near future Japan like the rest of the civilized world faces the crisis of an aging population. To face this problem the department of health has come up with a revolutionary idea. To this end they use an old man by the name of Takazawa and use him to test an experimental bed that is supposed to take care of his every want and need. However as is typical with most any science fiction wonder device that sidesteps responsibility for convenience the bed soon goes haywire and takes Mr. Takazawa with it in a citywide rampage.

Roujin Z is at the heart a tale of the elderly and our responsibility towards them. This is well portrayed by the conflict between Takazawa’s dutiful nurse and the insane bureaucracy of the department of health. Fortunately unlike many science fiction tales with this kind of point Roujin Z does not get bogged down with heavy handed morality. The fact that the movie manages to be funny without diluting it’s central message makes it enjoyable on many levels.

Roujin Z is a fairly old movie and as such is not animated by computer. You should not be deterred by this fact as the Animation for Roujin Z is some of the best animation the technology of the time can offer. If anything the artwork should teach you appreciation for older animation styles as much as the plot teaches you appreciation for older people.

Roujin Z has long been a staple of anime fandom going back to it’s broadcasts on the SCI FI network several years ago. Newer fans have probably never heard of this movie and I feel that it is a shame. I give Roujin Z a rating of very good.

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