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Review Sailor Moon Super S the movie Black dream hole

If you are at all familiar with anime at all you know about Sailor moon. Whether you adore or despise the fourteen year old moon princess if you know anime you know about her. The show is a giant with 200 episodes and three movies including this one.

Late at night a mysterious person is playing a flute that hypnotizes children and spirits them away (a la pied piper of Hamlin). This causes Usagi (the original name of Sailor moon) and the sailor senshi (sailor scouts to the unenlightened) to act when this traveling kidnap act tries to snare the young Chibi usa (known in America as Rini or Sailor Mini moon). These abductors have a connection to a young boy by the name of Peruru, but what is this connection, and will he help the sailor senshi or oppose them? And by the way, who is the leader of these mysterious fairies and for what purpose are they kidnapping children?

The animation of the third Sailor moon movie is not exceptional but adequate. The animation style does not vary much if at all from the Sailor moon television show except for possibly some more attention paid to the artwork due to the fact it is a movie. The greatest highlight would be the beginning of the movie when they show the sailor senshi as little kids. If that wonít stimulate the cute glands in your brain I donít know what will.

Sailor Moon Super S the movie Black dream hole is what I like to call a supplementary movie, is it an offshoot of a popular television show and generally requires the view to watch the show to understand the movie to itís fullest. Given that the movieís function is nothing more than a long episode made for the purpose of consumption by fans of the show, I can firmly say that the third Sailor moon movie fulfills itís purpose. I give Sailor Moon Super S the movie Black dream hole a rating of good.

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