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Review Samurai showdown

Once there was seven holy warriors that defended the gates of heaven. One of the warriors, Amakusa Shiro, was betrayed and in her wrath broke the seal of Ambrosia. The other six warriors tried to stop her but she became too powerful and defeated all of them. Their spirits fled to be reborn one hundred years later. Later, when the holy warriors have been reborn we come to Haohmaru, a simple village man who is better with the sword than anybody in the area. Amakusa has not been idle in the past century and now controls the government from the shadows. She has plans for world domination and those include destroying Haohmaruís village.

Samurai showdown is an anime movie based off of a video game, so donít expect to much from it. Samurai showdown is a straightforward story that suffers from the same problem that most anime the comes from fighting games has, the movie has far to large a cast for what the story tries to accomplish. Samurai showdown is able to deal with this problem better than some fighting game anime as quite a few of the characters are relegated to cameos allowing the focus to stay on Haohmaru and a few others.

The animation for Samurai showdown is decent but not spectacular. The one thing that strikes me as odd is that when someone gets hit with a sword you see glowing blood.

If you are familiar with the video game version of Samurai showdown ( As I am) you will probably find this movie somewhat entertaining. The fans of the video game are who this movie was made for. So needless to say if you arenít familiar with the game the movie will probably make no sense to you. I give Samurai showdown a rating of fair.

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