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Review Sister princess

"What would you do if you suddenly become to have 12 sisters what do you think? More over, they are so pretty, sweet, charming and loving you so much!"

That is the idea behind the ren ai(dating simulation) game and then anime sister. Princess.

The story starts with Wataru Minakami a nebbish boy with no connections or passions outside of academic life. Unfortunately for him, he failed is high school entrance exam big time. When he returns home he finds that he is accepted to some obscure high school that he has never heard of and promptly taken there in a big moving van. He winds up at dock, which is the only way to get to is new high school since it is situated on a small island with a weird statue atop it.

Once on the boat to the island he meets two people a girl named Mami that was sent to spy on him for some reason and the very spastic Yamada, who promptly declares that Wataru is his new best friend. Unfortunately for Wataru, is falls off the boat just as he was going to step off. Fortunately, is saved by a cute girl. She tell him that he looks better without his glasses (which somehow he doesnít need) lend him her handkerchief and then runs off. As the episode progresses he meets two other cute girls, and little girl (still cute but not dateable in the least) and helps shop for a watch with the girl that saved him. At the end of the episode he finds out that all 4 girls are his sisters. Things get even odder in the second episode when a ghost turns out to be 8 other sisters.

Sounds like a lot of anime shows that you have seen with an incestuous twist, right? Not at all. Instead of being a story of One wimpy loser and the girl that eventually falls for him after she beats him bloody numerous times, sister princess is a story of a boy (still somewhat the wimpy loser type) learning to be sociable with the family that he has just found out that he has. The weak point of the show would be the plot, being almost nonexistent. Air time in the show is almost constantly fought over by the very large cast. This leads to a very interesting character development scheme if you pay attention.

The animation for sister princess is decent. Most of the attention is on the character designs which are very cute. Overall the artwork reinforces the cute and easygoing atmosphere of the television show.

Sister princess is one of my favorite shows, still I know there are flaws in the show that keep me from giving it a higher rating. The biggest thing I really liked about sister princess is that despite the fact it is a dating sim style show, it goes off on a completely different track than other shows of itís genre and avoids being a cookie cutter show. I give Sister princess a rating of very good.

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