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Review Slayers

It is a time of swords and sorcery. Of fearsome monsters and brave heroes. Especially Lina Inverse, a sorceress that is especially brave, and cantankerous, and greedy, and a couple of other personality flaws. Also extremely brave is Gourry who is also really, really, dumb. Together(with any other characters who happen to join them) they are the slayers, who right wrong while filling both their coins purses and their bellies.

The story begins with how Lina and Gourry met each other. Then in the second episode we are introduced to the larger plot and a mysterious stranger, Zelgadis. It turns out that Zelgadis wants a statuette that Lina Liberated from some bandits in the first episode, and he wants it really bad. When Lina turns him down, Zelgadis starts sending minions after Lina and Gourry. Then a power wizard by the name of Rezo shows up and asks to protect the statuette from Zelgadis. Lina turns him down as well. Are Rezo and Zelgadis all they appear to be?

Slayers is a somewhat old anime series that probably started the idea of fantasy as comedy. While slayers is a comedy series it still manages to be somewhat series (barring Zegadlisís comment in episode twenty five) and does a good job swing between the two extremes.

The animation for Slayers is decent if looking very old and with a small budget. In short while the animation is passable especially for a comedy donít expect all that much of it and donít watch the show expecting stunning visuals.

Overall Slayers is a good fantasy anime and a good comedy. It is something I would recommend easily if for no other reason it allows the viewer a greater understanding of fantasy anime in general and the Slayers series in particular. I give slayers a rating of good.

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