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Review Sailor Moon R, The promise of the rose

A long long time ago when Tuxedo Mask (also known as Darien or Mamoru, depending on what version you watch) lost his parents. His loneliness was comforted by an alien named Fiore. Fiore had to leave earth and was made very lonely by this fact. Now Fiore has returned all grown up with a plan to claim Tuxedo Mask as his very own (I can just imagine the Yaoi fanfiction based off of this movie). There is two problems with Fioreís plan, one it will destroy most of humanity, and second Tuxedo Mask has a girlfriend, Sailor Moon, who stands in the way.

The Sailor Moon R movie is a supplementary movie, however I feel this is one is a bit better than most of movies of that type. While the story works out to be nothing more than a long episode, the fact that It focuses on The past of Tuxedo Mask, who in my opinion is very underdeveloped for the major role that he plays in the show, makes this movie worth watching. While the story progresses in typical Sailor Moon fashion there are some subtle differences between this movie and the typical Sailor Moon episode that makes this movie good.

The animation for the Sailor moon R movie are just like the that of the television show with perhaps a little more care taken in animating the film.

Whether you like the Sailor Moon R movie depends on whether you like Sailor Moon in general. If you donít hate Sailor Moon but are not a big fan of the show I would still recommend this movie to you simply because it is a bit better than the television series. I give Sailor Moon R, The promise of the rose a rating of good/ very good.

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