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Review Spriggan

Ominae Yu (Japanese Naming order) is a not so normal teenage boy. His super strength allows him to be a secret agent of the Arkum organization. Arkum tracks down lost artifacts from long ago in order to keep their power from falling into the wrong hands. After coming home from a previous mission to find one of his friends had been missing for a week but had returned. Meeting his friend on the rooftop Yu finds his friend has the words "Noah will be your grave" before he detonates a bomb connected to himself. It looks like another case for Arkumís top agent.

Spriggan is an action movie pure and simple. A would also term this movie as a fragment movie but the nature of the Spriggan manga is very episodic making this to be only a small problem if at all. It would be like watching Indiana Jones and the temple of doom before watching raiders on the lost ark, both of which are slightly similar to Spriggan, but without the powers (not that these powers make the movie cheesy).

The animation for Spriggan is simply awesome. Made fairly recently Spriggan gives the viewer the best computer Graphics money can buy. Some of the backgrounds are animated so well they almost look real. One slight problem is that many of the scenes are drawn in dark tones so you may want to dim your lights in order to keep glare from getting in the way.

If you have any ADV promos in the past two or three years you may have wondered what kind of movie Spriggan is. Spriggan is a fairly simple action more with great aesthetics. So you have any inking of watching this movie I say you should go for it. I give Spriggan a rating of very good.

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