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Star Wars: Clone Wars Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of the new Mini Series of animations by Lucasfilm. They are done in an anime style and I believe to have seen somewhere that the artist is in fact the same one that does the Star Wars epic Mangas.

So, back to the story. It starts of with Yoda and his light saber. Then, it goes into a continuation of the battle of Geonosis (i.e. second to last scene of AOTC). They start talking about the beginning and how they are against Count Doku. They hen have a glimpse of Anikan and say that he is truly gifted. Here is when the real deal comes in. I noticed that Anikanís right hand is machine. In the end of AOTC when they {Amidala and Skywalker} are getting married, this machine is there.

Next the council comes, or just Yoda (you know, the short Puppet Dude) and Palpatine (chancellor). They tell Obi-Wan and Anikan to lead a battle. You can tell that Palpatine is gaining young Skywalkerís trust.

The last scene is a fast-paced dramatic scene. It is dramatic because they use John Williamsís music so great, and how it fits in. The troops are taking off. Anikan looks and waves to Amidala, and goes off into the distance in a blue podracer shaped Jedi Starfighter.

Iím giving the sound and music a 10. They used the original scored and actorís voices (Ewan Macgreggor did a marvelous job). The storyline deserves a 6, because there was a lot to improve on, meaning slower paced so that one can understand what is going on. Finally, Iím giving overall an 8. Very well done, better than I expected for coming onto Cartoon Network.

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