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Review Star Ocean EX

Ronixis is a great hero and an admiral. However this story is not about him but his son Claude. When Claude touches a strange device that he probably wasn’t supposed to he is transported to the world of Expel. Almost immediately upon arriving on Expel he saves a young woman named Rena. Rena is convinced that Claude is some legendary hero of light that is supposed to save Expel from disaster. Expel really needs saving right now since a meteor called the sorcery globe has landed and is creating monsters and all other sorts of disasters. Since the sorcery globe is the only clue that Claude has to getting of Expel he goes off to Investigate said pit of evil along with Rena and whoever else they find along the way.

Star Ocean EX is based off of the video game Star Ocean Second Story. Unlike most anime based off of a video game Star Ocean does manage to have a decent story, primarily do to the fact that the video that it was based off of has a decent plot of it’s own for the anime to work from. Still this is not to say it is a masterpiece, far from it. The plot still is somewhat cliché although not to point of making it a bad show.

The animation for Star Ocean Ex is passable. It is just average enough not to really contribute or detract from the show.

Star Ocean Ex is currently available only through fansubs and has been that way for quite some time. Still the video game it was based off of is available abroad so it may still be licensed. If you are a fan of the video game or fantasy anime in general this is a good show for you. I give Star Ocean Ex a rating of good.

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