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Review Street Fighter Alpha the movie

Unless you live in a cave you have probably heard of the street fighter games. So it would make some since that they would make some animation for something this popular. Actually they made several incarnations of the street fighter saga in film and anime.

The story starts out with Ryu finding out that he has a brother, a boy named Shun. This comes at an inopurtune moment as he is struggling with the dark Hado, a power which is possessed by the evil Akuma. Eventually Shun starts exihibiting the same powers of the Dark Hado, does this mean there is a link between the three of them? There is also the plotline of DR. Saddler, an evil Biologist who works for Shadaloo and is being chased by Chun Li. How does this tie into the story? You will have to watch to find out.

It is a truism among fans of anime that movies and Oavs based on fighting games occupy the bottom rung of quality in the ladder of anime. Street Fight Alpha brakes this mold as it manages to resist the urge to show all the character that fight in the show. There are only five characters from the games that make any real contributions to the plot with some of the others just thrown in for cameos. They even manage to add a halfway convincing plot. Still remember that this is an anime based off of a fighting game so don't expect anything truly mindblowing outside of a really cool energy blast.

This is an Ok. movie. It requires previous knowledge of the street fighter games to make any sense of this at all, since the characters are added without explaining their backstories and all.

The animation for Street Fighter Alpha is good as can be expected from a movie. The action scences are well animated, a good thing since that is why we are watching the the movie for them.

Street Fighter Alpha is an Ok Movie. It is nothing that would recomend buying but It is worth it to get it as a rental, which I did. I give Street fighter Alpha 3 out of 5.

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