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Review Tekkaman Blade 2

Ten years have passed since the events of the first Radam war (which happened in the Teknoman television show, and by the way is the origional Japanese name for the Vemonoids). New Tekkamen have taken up the fight since D-boy has disappeared. One of these people is Yumi Francois, a ditzy mechanic. There is a special weapon being developed for the Tekkamen that could tip the balance in the war against the Radam. Due to a mishap caused by a Radam attack, the weapon gets configured onto Yumi. Can she gather the courage to use the weapon properly?

Tekkaman Blade 2 is a six part Oav. I get the feeling that they were trying to make a sequel to the original Tekkaman series that had the scope of a short television series. This fails largely because of the fact that the main character is just a cardboard cliché. Fortunately the story picks up in later episodes, in no small part the fact that the story starts shifting to other characters. Still too much of the story is wasted before it gets up to speed.

The graphics for Tekkaman Blade 2 are decent but nothing all that good. Actually it is a bit disapointing considering the fact that it is an Oav.

Tekkaman Blade 2 is a supplementary Oav to a largely forgotten (at least in the US do to the fact that Teknoman isn’t available on vhs or dvd) television series. While the Oav in and of it self isn’t that bad, it certainly nothing that I would recommend. I give Tekkaman Blade 2 a rating of fair.

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