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Review Tekken

When she was just a little child, Jun saw a man throw his own son off of a cliff. Now that Jun is a special agent, she may have to face this man, Haiachi Mishima, in a Martial arts tournament as a cover for investigating the illegal experiments that he has been doing. Not only is she going to enter the tournament but the abandoned son, Kazuya, is joining the tournament with the intention of killing his own father. In addition to this main plot, there are three or so subplots injected into the show.

It is often said that anime based off of fighting games is some of the worst out there. Tekken is a prime example of this idea. Not only are the characters themselves shallow but tekken divides itís already short time span into several subplots further diluting whatever potential the movie might have had. I couldnít find any of the characters interesting and I found Junís constant whining out Kazuya turning evil especially annoying.

Often times anime action movies try to make up for a poor plot with good animation. Tekken canít even do this. It is very possibly the choppiest computer animation that I have ever seen. The fighting scenes in Tekken also didnít live up to their full potential.

In conclusion I can not in good faith recommend Tekken to anyone. The only good thing about this movie is that it is easily available so even if you have to itch to watch it you do not have to pay full price to find out for yourself that it sucks. I give Tekken a rating of poor.

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