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Review Tenchi in Tokyo

Tenchi Masaki is a relatively normal high school student. He lives in Okayama and is an assistant Shinto priest. Tenchi is going to tokyo to further his studies. One problem though, the six women from Outer space that live with him donít want him too. Oh yes I forgot to mention them. If you are familiar with Tenchi Muyo you know who they are. If you are not they are Ryoko, a space pirate, Ayeka and Sasami, princesses from the planet Jurai, Washu, the self proclaimed Greatest scientific genius in the universe, and Mihoshi and Kiyone, two Policewomen from the Galaxy police. Despite their complaints Tenchi goes to Tokyo anyway. Things arenít as simple as that since three things come to complicate things. First off there is a dimensional tunnel that Washu builds that connects right to Tenchiís bed. Second there is a mysterious figure by the name of Yugi who creates monsters for some goal to be revealed later. Third is Sakuya, who looks to be Tenchiís new girlfriend.

Tenchi in Tokyo is the second television series of the mammoth Tenchi Muyo title, comprising of at this writing, a 13 episode Oav series, three television series, and three movies. Many say this series is the worst of the lot. While that may be true Tenchi in Tokyo still has some quality comedy material. In my opinion is a decent show, but do not try to expect too much out of it. If you are one of those continuity purists this show will drive you insane.

The animation quality for Tenchi in Tokyo is ok. The animation quality is a bit lower than the rest of the Tenchi Series often going for a spastic approach to comedic situations. While some might not like it it is decent.

Tenchi in Tokyo is a watchable series but by stretch of the imagination a great one. If you are not expecting something of the caliber of the Oav series you will probably enjoy this show. Many people I feel are overly harsh on the show but I am not saying that it is a classic. I give Tenchi in Tokyo a rating of fair.
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