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Review Twilight of the dark master

In the beginning the great mother created demons in order to give humans a backbone. However the demons were to strong so she created the guardians to oppose them. They fought an eternal war. Fast forward to the near future. Eiji is a young man that has just proposed to his girlfriend, Shizuka, however there is a wrench in the works. Eiji turns into a flesh eating demon and runs off into the night. Shizuka is despondent and wanders around until she wanders into someone that leads her to Tsumani, who is supposedly one of the guardians. Can Tsunami stop whatever turned Eiji into a demon?

The plot for twilight of the dark master is rather lousy. I had a difficult time empathizing or liking any of the characters. It may just be the English dubbing but both Shizuka and Tsunami came across as flat rather than tortured. The plot is very convoluted but uninteresting. The feeling I got from the story is like watching a fish without water, it trashes around violently but ultimately doesnít get anywhere or do anything.

The animation for Twilight of the dark master, on the other hand, is very good. The film exudes a cyberpunk feeling which fits the very dark themes of the movie. The fight scenes are fluid with big displays of psychic energy being flung around.

I didnít really like Twilight of the dark master. This may be because I have dislike of the genre to which it belongs or I may have just been in a cynical mood when I was watching it. While I cannot say that it is a great movie, if you are in the mood for a dark movie with some action you might like Twilight of the dark master more than I did. I give twilight of the dark master a rating of fair.

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