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Review Ufo princess Warukure

Kazuto is a young man who manages a bath house while going to high school. His normal life gets turned upside down (like you werenít expecting this to happen) when a spaceship crashes into his workplace. At the brink of death Kazuto is revived by the sacrifice of Warukure (probably the Japanese attempt at saying Valkerye). She gives him half of her soul in order for him to stay alive. As a result her body and mind are changed into that of a small child. Shortly after that Hydra comes and starts causing havoc but is also bound into the body of a child by Kazutoís childhood friend Akina. Supposedly hilarity ensues.

Ufo princess Warukure is a simple show that tries to entertain the viewers with almost every fan service trick known to man. Fortunately they left the sexualization of What this leaves us with is a pretty hollow show. The characters themselves arenít that interesting and not enough time is spent developing them. Even if most of the show is not that interesting their is always the card up itís sleeve, an entire army of cat girl maids.

Ufo princess Warukure has well done animation. The color palette is bright befitting the cute nature of the show. The character designs are also cute and the fan service is served in good and plenty portions.

Ufo princess Warukure is currently on available through fansubs. As you can probably tell from the rest of the review this show isnít all that great. It has itís moments that keep it from being terrible (read cat girl maid army) but still I sugges watching it now because I feel that in no way is it worth buying on DVD. I give Ufo princess Warukure a rating of fair.

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