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Review Ultra man, the adventure begins

Deep in space a planet full of monsters explodes sending asteroids off into space. One of these asteroids hits earth, breaking into pieces in the atmosphere. Elsewhere three ace pilots known as the flying angels see a strange light in the middle of a demonstration and crash their planes. What is truly amazing is that even though they did not eject the pilots survived without a scratch. They are summoned to a secret base underneath a golf course to find out that they have been fused with alien beings sent to earth to stop the monsters. They are then sent to their secret base inside Mt. Rushmore where they meet their robot friends and sally forth to slay some monsters.

Over the years there has been various incarnations of the Ultra man show. Sad to say this is possibly the worst of the lot. Given that Ultra man is a rubber suit monster of the week show that is saying a lot. There were times the very stupidity of the plot made me scream out. The show is the very Americanized tripe that most of us started watching anime to get away from.

The animation for Ultra man is not that good. This is clearly the product of eighties Hana-Barbara (they are actually in the credits) animation. Itís not enough to make you retch but definitely nothing worth watching simple on aesthetics.

I found Ultra man gathering dust on the shelves of the local video store and will return it so it can gather some more dust. If you see Ultra man gathering dust on the shelves of your local video store I suggest you just let it to that and find something else. I give Ultra man, the adventure begins a rating of awful.

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