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Review Vampire Hunter D bloodlust

In the still of the night a vampire by the name of Meier Link took a young woman away with him. Her family would naturally not let this pass and thus hired D, a famous vampire hunter who is a dunpeal, a half vampire, half human. D has been given the task of retrieving Charlotte or killing Her if Meier Link has turned her into a vampire like himself. D has some competition this time, as the Marcus brothers are also on the tail of Meier Link. Also is there any truth to the claim that Link Meier did not kidnap Charlotte but that she came with him of her own free will?

Vampire Hunter D is the sequel to the First Vampire Hunter D movie made a decade earlier. Both movies are entirely self contained so there nothing to worry about if you havenít seen the first movie. The character development is much better than I was anticipating, this being an action movie about vampires. Instead of the flat characters you usually get in such movies I was treated to vivid characters that told a story of love and loneliness that touched my heart.

The animation for Vampire Hunter D is simply amazing. Perhaps the only thing a regretted watching this movie is that I didnít have a bigger television. The backgrounds are exquisitely detailed, Like you would expect with a big budget animated film. The fight scenes are also extremely well done, being both high in intensity and in taking full advantage of the supernatural aspects of the film. Vampire hunter D bloodlust would still be very enjoyable if you were watching the dubbed version and the tvís sound was out.

Recently I have reviewing anime titles at an accelerated pace. Many of these have been poorly put together movies or Oavs. Watching bad anime will start to ruin your faith the in the medium as is the reason why I and other do anime reviews. After Watching Vampire Hunter D bloodlust my spirits have been lifted. If you are starting to lose your faith in anime or have lost your faith in the action movie I sincerely recommend Vampire Hunter D bloodlust. I would also say the same for those who havenít. I give Vampire Hunter D bloodlust a rating of excellent.

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