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Review Yokohama quiet country café

In the future a catastrophe caused the sea level to rise and cities to depopulate. Yet the mood is very different than most post-apocalyptic shows, instead of desolation, what was major cities simply returned to being rural territory with a few ruins scattered about. In this land lives Alpha, a robot girl who runs a café that gets very few customers while waiting for her owner who may never return. One day a storm arrives and threatens to wreck Apha’s café. After the storm Alpha decides to leave the café for a while and explore the world.

Yokohama quiet country café is a very slow and subtle anime. In actuality very little happens. What does happen is filled with references that are hard to understand sometimes. Part of me smells fragment Oav.

The animation for Yokohama quiet country café is absolutely spectacular. The backgrounds are exquisitely detailed, enough to take the viewer’s mind off of the plot sometimes. In retrospect the purpose of this Oav could have very well been to showcase the animation staff’s talents.

Yokohama quiet country café is currently only available through fansubs. Overall it is an enjoyable piece that is especially good if you had a tough day and your nerves are a bit frazzled. Usually I don’t like shows that use graphics to cover up a weak plot but in this case I felt that it worked out. I give Yokohama quiet country café a rating of good/ very good.

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