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Review Zone of the enders Idolo

It is the year 2167 and Mars is having some trouble with the Earth and wishes to gain Independence. Radium Lavans, a Martian mech pilot with feelings of resentment and inferiority towards the Earth government. He may just get his chance to vindicate his feelings when he is chosen to test the experimental mech the Idolo. The Idolo is far more powerful than any other mech in existence but there a hidden cost to this all, slowly driving Radium mad. In the tempest of warfare and insanity what will the fate of Radium be?

Typically I donít like very short Oavs but somehow I really enjoyed Zone of the enders. It manages to focus on the main character and develop his story to the fullest. Instead of trying to be a whole story and failing, itís scope is very small with very little extraneous material. Also if Idolo leaves you wanting for more unlike many Oavs of this type there is a follow-up television series to watch as well.

If the plot of Zone of the enders isnít enough there is the animation to consider as well. Not only is the computer animation well done but the flight scenes do a very good job conveying a sense a three dimensional flight. Not to mention the ending song is really good.

Although Zone of the enders was originally a video game it manages to work well as an anime show, in fact I may look into the video game because of Idolo. Zone of the enders manages to overcome my general prejudices about certain types and formats of anime and be a really good show. Also the DVD is slightly cheaper than most, so it is a good and fairly cheap introduction to the zone of the enders world. I give zone of the enders Idolo a rating of very good.

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